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Your road to skating success! Frequently asked questions
Tot Programs
Tot Programs
  • TOT 1 - For beginners ages 3 1/2-6 years old. Skaters learn the proper way to fall, proper way to get up, marching in a standing position and while moving.
  • TOT 2 - Tot 2 is for the skater who graduates Tot 1. It is for ages 3 1/2-6 years old. Skaters learn the skills of a two foot jump in place, forward swizzle, single swizzle, and begin a two foot glide.
  • TOT 3 - Tot 3 is for the Tot 2 graduate. It is for ages 3 1/2-6 years old. Skaters learn the skills of push and glide stroking, preparation for snowplow stop, dip and forward swizzles.
  • TOT 4 - T-Position and Push (Right & Left) Backward Swizzle, Two-Foot or One-Food Snowplow stop and backward wiggle.
My Tot and Me
My Tot and Me
  • Have fun ice-skating with your child. We make it easy with creative play and interactive learning games that teach little ones basic ice skating skills.
  • Each 7-week session meets once a week, with 1/2 hour class time. When you sign up you will receive a FREE pass to practice on unlimited public sessions!
  • For safety's sake, all tots (age 7 & under) are required to wear helmets (hockey helmets with full face shield are required if wearing hockey skates), and dress in warm comfortable clothes! Oh yes ... and don't forget those gloves!

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(Winter 2015 - updated 1/28/2015)

Rising Stars
Rising Stars

Do you have a Tot or homeschooler who would love to start learning how to skate? Our Rising Stars program is perfect for our early risers who need to burn energy in the morning. Our class begins at 10:00am on Thursday or Friday mornings and runs for 30 minutes. Our Rising Stars will learn all the necessary skating skills to prepare them for figure skating or hockey. Unlimited public skating is also included.

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(Winter 2015 - updated 1/28/2015)

Skate Programs
  • HOCKEY LEARN TO SKATE 1 & 2 - For the beginner hockey skater ages 3 1/2-6. Skaters will learn two foot jumps in place, forward swizzles standing still, single swizzles, beginning two foot glides, backward wiggles, backward swizzles and hockey stops. Skaters must wear hockey skates and a full face shield. Click here for further information (Winter 2015 - updated 1/28/2015)
  • NEW SKATER - Proper way to fall down & get up, march forward across the ice, beginning two-foot glide and dip while moving. Forward swizzle, introduction rocking horse, snowplow stop and backward wiggles introduction.
  • PRE-ALPHA - Two-foot glide, one-foot glide right and left, forward & backward swizzles, backward wiggle, alternating forward 1/2 pumps in a straight line and snowplow stops. Push & glide stroking, forward slalom, Forward pumping on a circle, FOE on circle, FIE on circle, backward 2 ft glide.
  • ALPHA - Skaters will learn more push & glide stroking, slaloms, forward pumping and edge and backward glides.
  • BETA - The Alpha graduate ages 7 and up. Skaters learn the skills of backward stroking, backward crossover R & L, T-stop right and left, backward snowplow stop and two-foot turn on a circle.
  • PRE GAMMA - Forward outside 3-turn and forward inside 3-turn introduction, forward inside Mohawk introduction right and left, BO edge to FO edge transition R&L, BI edge to FI edge transition R & L side toe hops.
  • GAMMA - For the Beta graduates ages 7 and up. Skaters learn the skills of RFO 3-turn, LFO 3-turn, RFI Mohawk and LFI Mohawk combination and hockey stop.
  • DELTA - RFI 3-turn, LFI 3-turn, FO & FI consecutive edges, Shoot the duck or lunge, bunny hop.


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